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How many now? And now that they have found the dead sea scrolls, there are MANY books still left out. The bible was written by man, manipulated by man, translated by man to fit the agenda of whoever.

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If there is NO agenda by anyone, then why are all the books not in the bible for us to read? If these books were written by men, inspired by god then all books should be credible and be in the book. The dead sea scrolls give the book some validity, but even today, they keep books out that they think will alter your beliefs. It's a bunch of tall tales put together with astrological star and planet studies then given a human twist. Then, some philosophers got this grand idea of creating a method of mind control, to manipulate the masses and make cash and hence, religion as we know it; divisive, war mongering, unreasonable, and inhumane.

There's no money or publicity especially in Jewish Biblical archaeology simply saying "we've found some guy's house". Most ancient civilizations were situated on flood plains -- from China, to India, to Mesopotamia, to Egypt -- so it should come as no surprise that they all have flood legends. However, there are details shared between the Utnapishtim and Noah stories that are too close to be coincidence such as the sending of the birds and since the Utnapishtim story is older the direction must be from the Utnapishtim story to the Noah.

But the Biblical story isn't really meaning to tell history. It is trying to talk about how God picks out from among the nations of the world one people to be his own. It is talking about how faithful He will be even when it looks like He has forgotten his promises. It is a theological story, not an historical one. There is non biblical historical evidence of the mass migration that occurred, as well as discussed in the bible, for the return of Jews from Babylon to Palestine after the captivity.

That seems to be an undisputed historical event, along with the captivity in the first place, the Macabbean revolt, and many other events covered in the bible. But is there archaeological evidence for the return itself? If not, does the absence of archaeological in any way refute it? And as Jews were apparently a large part of the Babylonian economy, did it suffer upon the return of course some Jews remained in the Babylonian diaspora out of choice Why would one think that Jews were a third of the population of Egypt in any event?

Moreover, why are we fixated on the Exodus, which may well not have occurred? That is a single, although major, biblical story. The fact remains some bible stories have a foundation of truth and others do not, not surprising for a ethnoreligious saga which chronicles events happening over millenia. There is still plenty of other evidence of that period. R43, I'm fascinated by which bible stories have a foundation of truth, and why. Please elaborate. Before that, some stories might have some connection to some history. It depends on what you mean.

If the Exodus is connected to a cultural memory of some people who were forced out of Egypt does that count? You people do realize the Bible is pretty much a big book of fairy tales right? Written to control people and their thinking? Just because it is older does not make it any less fiction than Scientology. R48, I've heard that argument before on DL, that the Bible is a "big book of fairy tales.

So far I've learned that there is a historical basis for some of the events. I hope posters keep commenting. Of course there will always be those that take the Bible literally, and others who look at it just as lessons to be learned about dealing with life.

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Like Mormonism, there is verifiable proof that Scientology was completely fabricated, and that the more plausible ideas were stolen from others. Since both cults are newer, it is easier to uncover the falsifications of the creators. Its thinking like r48's that I really think is amazing.

Who created the Bible for these purposes? What exactly did they hope to do with it? Are these people still in control today? Like how to treat your slaves which the bible is just fine with you owning and how often and when to beat your wives plural. And what to eat And what to wear no mixed fibers!!!! Floods, famines, locusts, northern lights, comets, meteors, dust storms, drenching rains, ash in the atmosphere from a volcano, human plagues, mental illness, infertility, mass migrations, tsunamis, wildfires, astronomical conjunctions, cloud formations, animal plagues R51, Shall I start a thread with the most antiquated and therefore ridiculous ideas in the Bible?

Yes, in olden times people killed their wives, slaves, and work animals needlessly, and without guilt or any punishment. The fact that the Bible regulates treatment was an improvement. Do we still require men to marry their brothers' widows for survival, as there was no welfare and women typically didn't work? God creates a perfect world, but eve ate the apple and suddenly being naked was bad. The world was such a crap hole that god flushed the toilet with a flood and somehow saved every animal on an arc.

How about the rationalization that "it's god's plan" to cope with things people are not emotionally able to handle? You didn't address any of my actual questions, r WHO were the people?

Bible stories, reality vs exaggeration vs myth

Are they still doing it? What was their master plan? You have also jumped all around and provided absolutely no context. How does the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot's wife serve to control people? Where in the Bible does it say "cope by believing it is all God's plan"? It featured many theologians and they talked about how the stories in the Bible probably really occurred. I've been trying to find this show ever since and it never shows up anywhere.

Fascinating stuff.

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It's unlikely the Bible was written as a tool for control. I'm sure many of the authors were capturing genuinely held beliefs of the time. What's interesting is that nowadays many people speak of the more unlikely events of the Old Testament as being symbolic or allegorical - I think it's difficult to argue that they were written this way originally, and there's little doubt that at the time the stories were believed literally and completely.

The allegorical nature of the Bible came later when tangible evidence began to contradict Biblical thought, just as the convenience of religion for social and political control came later, too. They are both inventions, and in the first instance, a result of utter desperation on the part of believers to stay relevant. The complete and utter convenience of Christian thought - there is an answer for absolutely everything and no room for any doubt - is probably the main reason I'm an atheist. R56, I saw that show which was rebroadcast on the History Channel, I believe, right before Christmas.

Biblical scholars, atheistic, historical anthropologists, and religious leaders each explained from their own historical research how Jesus and the Romans might have interacted, given the atmosphere of the times. Most interesting was that because of the tremendous upheaval and anxiety of many people at that time, especially the Jews, in part because of the tremendous increase in taxation, and the brutality of the Romans, there were many prophets and seers that had a following. Ron Hubbard. Jesus would never have had long hair. Try living in the desert with those locks down to your shoulder.

Even women wore their hair up. Male Jews had short hair, particularly in roman times. Look at today's Arabs and you'll see what Jesus looked like if he ever lived, minus the sunglasses. It's much cooler to wear a dress in the desert and a keffiyeh projects from the sun while providing a breeze underneath as you walk. The bible is a mixture of many things.

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Local myths, historical events, important people, moral stories, laws. The first and second temples are out of reach to archeologists since they are located under the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Wailing Wall is actually part of the wall that surrounded the temples. Considering religions tend to built over a site which is already considered holy, something was there for sure. The first woman mathematician recorded by history was Hypatia of Alexandria AD - She succeeded her father as Librarian at the Great Library and wrote many works on applied mathematics.

Because she was a woman, the Christian community in Alexandria punished her for her presumption by stripping her naked and scraping off her skin with clamshells some say roofing tiles. If you are old enough you remember seeing the Disney documentary which included footage of their mass suicide. R60, I would never watch garbage reality shows. However I've always questioned the programs on the History Channel, because it's one-way communication. In Rome, there's a dig underneath St. I never got in the dig area, however, I did look down on the dig from an air duct in the crypt area of St.

There were no signs or markings to tell you where you could look down to the dig, you just had to know someone who knew where to look. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Bible stories, reality vs exaggeration vs myth On another thread, it was suggested that the story of Noah's ark was an interpretation of a huge tsunami.

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Popping popcorn and pulling up a chair for this mess of a thread The Jews were never in Egypt. Oh, and it never rained frogs. Fossils of sea life have been found at high elevations. And some are a combination of the two. There is no way to know for certain what exactly happened. You misunderstand why this thread will be a mess, OP.

You will have people insist the Bible is true in all details. Whenever these threads come up, there is very little actually knowledge demonstrated. Actually, they just discovered what may be David's palace. As if we already didn't have answers to all these questions. R17 "This is indisputable proof of the existence of a central authority in Judah during the time of King David," lead archaeologists Yossi Garfinkel and Saar Ganor said. Jew, Jewish, Judaism, et al are post-Exile concepts.

R19, Well I always wanted to know how so many people got into the world very quickly. And the ark landed on Mt. Ararat - not too far from the Black Sea. R14, Please see R The real mt sinai is in saudi arabia. I seem to recall seeing a recent documentary about it raining sharks in LA. R28, Exactly what ruins were found? R27, who do so many followers of Jesus believe in the unnecessary use of capital letters?

This book is one of the funniest things I've ever read! The funny observations are so spot on that I almost feel like some of them are about me! A Must Read! Just a bunch of one or two sentence ramblings of things that must have been going through his small mind at the time. This book was filled with real-life observations that we all think, and don't say. The author nails work life, technology, family, and just day-to-day activities. I love the youthful attitude he has throughout the book and how freely he discusses things that some people might consider "taboo".

I highly recommend this to anyone with a good sense of humor looking for a book with a "light" attitude. If you get offended easily, this isn't for you.

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