Römische Geschichte: Von der Gründung der Stadt an (German Edition)

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Theodor Paul, student of Wilhelm Ostwald, overtakes the professorship for pharmaceutical chemistry.. High-Tech-Offensive Bayern? The new chair belongs to the biosciences and is part of the Theodor-Boveri-Institute..

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With the replacement of the Chair for Biochemistry in , a further step of integration followed.. Theodor Boveri wurde am Oktober in Bamberg geboren.. Theodor Boveri was born on the 12th October in Bamberg.. In he began his scientific career as a student of anatomy and biology, at the University of Munich.. After being ousted from political office in , Theodor Heuss went on to write the first biography of Robert Bosch..

September den Theodor -W. In rememberance of the philosopher and art critic professor Theodor W. Adorno the city of Frankfurt awards the Theodor-W. Theodor Stiebel"..

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Theodor Stiebel" in Berlin on 5 May.. Tiedemann's now widowed daughter, Cunigunda Tiedemann, moved to Heidelberg and in April, married Ludwig Bischoff.. Nach ca. The political thinking and action of the Lilienthal brothers was influenced by the book of Theodor Hertzka:. We are using the following form field to detect spammers. Please do leave them untouched. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser. Once you have copied them to the vocabulary trainer, they are available from everywhere. Unique: The editorially approved PONS Online Dictionary with text translation tool now includes a database with hundreds of millions of real translations from the Internet.

See how foreign-language expressions are used in real life. Real language usage will help your translations to gain in accuracy and idiomaticity! But the city experienced a new era of prosperity in the Middle Ages. Hungarian kings have settled in Transylvania the Saxons, a Germanic people. Saxons founded seven cities from which it came the German name of Transylvania, Siebenburgen, which literally means the seven cities.

Cluj, under the name of Klausenburg, was one of them. The greatest king of Hungary, Matthias Corvinus, son of John Hunyadi, a Romanian prince, the one who ordered the last crusade against the Ottomans, was born in Cluj. After the Ottoman conquest of Hungary, Cluj became the most important city for Hungarians and also for Germans and Romanians in Transylvania. In , the first university was founded in Cluj: the Jesuit college founded by Stephen Bathory, prince of Transylvania, who became king of Poland.

At the end of the eighteenth century, like the rest of Transylvania, Cluj came under Austrian rule. The period of the Austrian Empire and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire meant a massive development for the city. During the Sec-. Their tragedy has inspired a film by Steven Spielberg, in which the main character was the Jew from Cluj Paneth Farkas, table tennis world champion who managed to survive the Holocaust.

At the end of the war, Cluj returned to be part of Romania. But the following communist period profoundly changed the structure of the city. Communists built huge factories and brought tens of thousands of workers for them. They built new residential blocks for these workers, and the representatives of the old elite were persecuted. Cluj was one of the first cities to join the anti-communist revolution, started in Timisoara. After the Revolution, the city has found its way to democracy and capitalism. The city is now a model of interethnic coexistence.

Babes-Bolyai University, for example, the largest university in Romania, offers studies in traditional Transylvanian languages, such as Romanian, Hungarian and German, but also in English and French. Michaels-Kirche in Cluj-Napoca oder die. Schwarze Kirche in Brasov. Die Stadt ist seit in Dokumenten aufgezeichnet. These cities were founded by German colonists who were invited to repopulate a country devastated by the repeated invasions of the Mongols. Thus, the German colonists have had a profound and long lasting influence over the development of Transylvania.

In fact the Transylvanian urban culture bears the powerful imprint of the Saxons. The above mentioned cities had acquired the title of Royal free City, however there were numerous other settlements founded by the German which have received this title and were also considered fairs oppidum, in Medieval Latin as in the case of the town Orastie.

Until the year , when the Austrian Empire had became the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Transylvanian Saxons had enjoyed their own autonomy. The Saxon communities had been organized into Universitas Saxorum, an administrative structure which grouped the Saxon population in accordance with the seven cities and the other settlements which belonged to them.

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Saxon settlements towns, cities and villages have served as an example of thorough organizational skills, and their inhabitants have distinguished themselves by their diligence, honesty and resistance against the harshness of history. In many cases the Germans provided a positive example for the Romanians and Hungarians, and this positive image has prevailed until our times. The Transylvania Saxons had created throughout the centuries, the strongest and most complex medieval fortification of Eastern Europe. Apart from the momentous city walls which protect each settlement, they had also built around The above mentioned churches are either Gothic or Romanesque edifices the oldest of which are to be found in the area under the influence of the city of Sibiu.

A representative example of such a fortified church is the one from the village of Biertan. Records of this settlement date back to the year The fortified church had been the main shelter of the inhabitants until the year , when the population of Biertan built the city walls around the settlement and decided to keep the walls around the church as well. The church is a harmonious blend of the Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Even if the majority of the German population had undergone religious reformation they manifested tolerance towards the population of other denominations.

For instance in Biertan one of towers of the city provided a place of worship for those inhabitants that decided to keep their roman catholic religion. Nowadays the fortified edifices of Biertan are considered relics of the Germanic architecture from Romania. Ob nun ein Stummfilmklassiker unter frei-.

Carried by the Romanian-German Cultural Society, supported by the BabesBolyai-University and closely connected to the Goethe-Institut, the Cultural Centre established trusted partnerships with all important actors in culture and adminis-. With a small budget and a motivated team the German Cultural Centre contributes enormously to the mutual understanding between the two countries.

Three fields constitute the German Cultural Centre: the library with thousands of books and DVDs is an academic or recreational home to students, school classes and bookworms alike, the cultural programme sets high standards for a cooperative modern cultural exchange and the language department with its highly qualified teachers and innovative methods is THE place to learn German.

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Events organized by the German Cultural Centre are astonishing. No matter if a silent movie is accompanied live and open air by a full orchestra or young Comics artists finally find a free space in which they can develop their art — the German Cultural Centre stands for an open-minded and open-hearted exchange and the conviction that the cultural and linguistic differences do not separate, but connect us. As a prerequisite for this endeavour, Gutenberg seeksfirst and foremost to bring together the German youth and students not only from Romania, but also from abroad, thus contributing to the creation of a cross-border German youth community.

As part of this, the young people are given the opportunity to participate in a series of interactive and intellectually challenging projects that will stimulate their interest in the German culture and language. The primary objective of Gutenberg is to spread the German language and culture among youth and to renew it through this very youth, which is characterized by creativity and innovative minds. The club members and guests from fields such as economy, politics and culture are able to share information, opinions, experiences and different points of view within our organized monthly meetings, seminars as well as public events.

The ca. The club is also a contact point for companies who would like to invest in Romania, especially in the area of Northern Transylvania. Important assistance can thus be given through initial contacts and assessments of the situation. The close collaboration of the German Economic Club Northern-Transylvania with other 7 economic clubs from Romania, with the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest, their diplomatic representatives and educational and cultural institutions offers a huge network of business contacts of all kinds.

Dies stellt nur eine Facette der Veranstaltung dar. The event, organized by the German-language Economic Club from Northern Transylvania - DWNT and Qual Media Group aims to promote German culture and the activities and mission of the club to the general public and the business environment in Transylvania, through a vast public action.

The organizers rely on the appeal of the event to the general public invited to experience more closely the German speaking cultural and business environment present in Cluj, and also for entrepreneurs who can benefit from a detached networking during the event. For the general public, the significant details of this edition will certainly be the live show of Foieni Band and FUNKorporation from Cluj, torch jugglers as well as children activities — train-.

But this is only one aspect of the event. Companies will not only present products, but also they will come with business and job opportunities. Im Jahre hat Impress den I. The whole achievement was awarded with the Kent award granted by the Romanian Design Foundation. For 18 years, the Foundation has been able to cater services for top clients from Romania and abroad.

In , Impress was awarded the 1st prize for the quality of the commercial printing in the country. Impress has a. The printing house is permanently preoccupied by the efficiency of its relationship with the clients. Quality Services Impress printing house offers a wide range of printing products and related services. The printing house production and equipment is oriented towards the production of advertising materials for Transylvania, but also for customers from abroad Italy or Germany. The printing production on larger scales mainly consists of: leaflets, brochures, catalogues, presentation folders, posters, labels, business cards, books, paper or cardboard packaging, prospects, activity reports, notebooks and calendars.

Impress printing house has always been open to international collaborations, especially in Germany with Kirchheim-Verlag as one of the German clients which is why starting from this year, the printing house has become a member of the German Business Cluj from Northern Transylvania. Most of the changes have been made in order to modernize the Romanian legislation and adapt it to the European and international laws. Therefore, the Romanian companies had to face certain consequences, like the need for continuous adjustments and updates, which generated an increase in administrative expenses.

The value added tax has been harmonized with the European Directives regarding the common system of VAT. The shortcomings Romania has in this issue are the multitude of statements to be filed and late reimbursement of VAT. The 4th and 7th Directives have already been integrated in Romanian legislation. Foreign investors usually deal with international partners intraCommunity transactions, imports and exports, foreign financing.

This kind of transactions need special attention because of the fiscal risk involved: withholding tax, additional fiscal statements. A problem of the Romanian accounting requirements is the extended bureaucracy. In Romania the focus is on form, almost all the economic transactions having legal-imposed templates to be filled in.

The reduced tax on profit rate, the increased legal certainty by implementing the European legislation, reduced payroll costs or the agricultural potential make investments in Romania very profitable. The fiscal legislation in Romania has also been adapted to the European requirements, but frequent ammendments have been made because of the political changes. The problem with the fiscal legislation is not only the frequency of changes, but also the extended amount and sometimes interpretable nature of the fiscal laws. This amount is applicable to most revenue sources: salaries, self employment revenues, investments, rent, agriculture activities etc.

Investments in IT benefit, besides qualified employees, of another incentive: tax exemption on salaries for programmers. Relax in one of our spacious and comfortable guest rooms. A good night sleep is guaranteed in our comfy beds. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, tea and coffee facilities, free hot breakfast and free parking are only a few of the facilities guests can enjoy. Stay productive or meet with business partners in our fully equipped meeting room and working zone. With more than hotels, worldwide, Hampton by Hilton is the ideal choice for travellers. Friendly service, clean rooms, comfortable surroundings every time.

B-dul 21 Decembrie nr. Diese Webseite ist eine Plattform, wo man relevante Informationen und Antworten zur Frage warum man in Cluj-Napoca investieren sollte, finden kann.

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Ebenfalls auf der Homepage der Webseite www. In order to support both local and foreign investors, the municipality of Cluj-Napoca created back in the International Affairs and Investment Department. The aim of this department is to provide assistance for the investors and to develop partnerships with the business community. Starting with November , a new website, dedicated to investors is available — www. A presentation movie, called Cluj-Napoca the Heart of Transylvania, is also available on the home page of www. The municipality is committed to be a partner of the investors, as the success and prosperity of their businesses will reflect in better quality of life of the entire community.

Main Office: 52 Avram Iancu St. The market will increase even more by the planned opening of Cluj — Oradea motorway with connection to Western Europe. Die Elemente konzentrieren sich auf den Aufbau einer nachhaltigen und unternehmerischen Kultur und einer Wirtschaft, die auf Innovation und hohen Wert-Servicelieferungen basiert. Es wird ein Konvergenzpunkt der lokalen Initiativen der Stadtobrigkeit, dem Klausenburger Distrikt, der akademischen Umgebung und der privaten Kapitalanleger. It will be a convergence point of local initiatives from within the municipality and its hinterland, Cluj County, academic environment and private investors.

It is projected to be a modern and comprehensive working campus where in member companies would like to offer their employees premium working conditions. It will be an environment for fostering performance in education and entrepreneurial culture. Cluj Innovation City will have a multilayered infrastructure starting from physical elements, utilities from roads to offices to educational, financial, administrative and economic layers.

This modern extension of Cluj-Napoca. Close proximity to the city centre will foster equally close interaction between all the elements and players within the project. Companies located in this urban space will benefit from all the associated high quality facilities large-scale international businesses seek to offer their employees and at a realistic and competitive price, offering also a thorough convergence of local initiatives.

Service facilities will be constructed in comfortable proximity to modern office spaces and will offer provision of school and nursery education for children of employees, congress spaces, well-being and fitness facilities, recreational spaces, meeting points and cultural and economic amenities.

The governance structure of the project targets sustainable socio-economic development for the entire local community. Through a non-profit structure, we will support the development of projects and socio-economic entities that are not directly linked to the programme, and we will contribute logistically and financially, in alliance with local authorities, to all major city projects. A responsible and representative blend of local authorities, universities and economic and independent players governs the Cluj Innovation City programme.

No single group of interest may decide on its development without the collaboration and corroboration of other members within the entity, so that long term sustainable and mutual beneficial development for the wider local community is decisive. The various elements for this development project are multi-fund financed both from public and private sources through public-private-partnerships.

We believe in the possibility to generate benefits for the cluster entities and for society at large. The city of Cluj is already acknowledged as a major IT hub in Romania and it has been an appropriate environment for the organic emergence of an IT cluster. Cluj IT was established in primarily as a catalyst for increasing the sustainability of its members by gradually shifting from outsourcing to sustainable intellectual property driven businesses. Cluj IT currently has 37 members representing the entire value-chain of the software development industry: 26 companies, 3 universities and 8 catalyst organisations such as public authorities, agencies, professional associations and consultancy.

Having two of the most important national universities on board Babes, Bolyai University and Technical University is a powerful differentiator that sets apart Cluj IT Cluster from others and creates the foundation for an organic link between industry, knowledge and innovation. Nearshore Softwareentwicklung und Software Dienstleistungen langfristig und partnerschaftlich ausgerichtet. NET u. BS Romania S. More than industrial customers implemented Clarvision to control their financial, personnel, production and sales processes With a vast experience gained throughout its years of experience and a three-digit number of successfully implemented software outsourcing and support projects, EBS Romania offers IT services over the entire softwarelife cycle.

Please visit our web-site www. Architecturally, the central principle of Champan Taylor's design was to restore the existing spaces in a technology park that would reflect the energy of the tech companies fuelled by Cluj-Napoca's human resources potential. Following this vision Liberty Technology Park Cluj will.

The English examples that Chapman Taylor chose to use as reference projects in their first stage submission, Chiswick Park, Stockley Park and the Cambridge University Business Park, are relevant for the quality of their environments as well as for their buildings. Liberty Technology Park Cluj is intended to function as a dynamic ecosystem for local and international companies driven by that particular vision that makes ideas come to life and businesses thrive. To these they also added the refurbishment and landscaping of the steelworks at Sandviken, the birthplace of the steel industry in Sweden, where some historic artefacts have been used as sculptural elements in restoring the parkland around the industrial buildings, a strategy that could also be effective at Liberty Technology Park Cluj.

This dynamic ecosystem will also foster the most complex business accelerator in Romania: Spherik. Spherik will be the first Romanian platform of its kind meant to help, to grow and to create thriving businesses, a platform designed for developing and implementing business both nationally and internationally. In order to succeed Liberty Technology Park Cluj offers several types of spaces designed to create the ideal working place.

Starting with the office spaces and continuing with the time spent outside the office, this habitat meets the needs of every company, offering a wide range of services and premium facilities. The park also includes an event area, conference rooms, wide green garden like areas, leisure area with a restaurant and a coffee shop, multifunctional sport grounds and a retail and medical area all designed to complete the ideal tech habitat.

Developed by Fribourg Capital, Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a project that seeks to intensify connections and communication between companies that activate in similar domains in order to generate innovation and progress by creating a revolutionary space. RO Cluj-Napoca, Str. Dietrich die Initiative hatte die stark betroffenen Kriegsregionen aus Deutschland mit Lebensmittel zu versorgen. Dietrich had the initiative to transport food supply to severely affected by war regions of Germany. Karl Heinz Dietrich Romania is one of the few companies, on the Romanian market, supplying the full range of logistic services, feature that is highly appreciated by the clients in search of professional outsourcing.

While other companies operating in logistics are focusing on transport, warehousing or custom clearance services, KHD is able to successfully carry out and correlate all these activities. Dietrich company is certified ISO for introducing and using a quality management system for the following activities — storage, warehouse administration of goods, stock management, execution and development of transport activities by road, sea and air, at national and international level, custom clearance and ISO and AEO. Tetarom Industrial Parks Cluj-Napoca has always been a successful destination for foreign investors giving its significant strengths compared to other areas of the country: the particular geographical position, the international airport, the proximity to the western border, the dynamic economic environment, the human resources offered by the universities, international schools, they all offer potential investors a broad spectrum in terms of local resources.

The base stock of the foundation consists of the foundation capital and the own art collection of the Grove couple. The both founders and cultural ambassadors were awarded by the German Federal President and the Romanian President and are honorary citizens of the city of Cluj-Napoca.

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In the period till March , help transports in value of approximately Languages in Transylvania: The Ultimate Convenience! Obviously, the handful of teachers that started with Bridge would not be able to cope, which is where the strong team in its three locations in Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare and Oradea now help things run smoothly. Die Unternehmensdienstleistungen in Cluj entwickeln sich in atemberaubendem Tempo. The business sector in Cluj is developing at a fantastic rate.

All our courses are available to study , in small groups of or larger groups of up to 12 learners and can be taken in English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese Norwegian, Hungarian and Romanian as a foreign language. We provide full assistance and training for all types of communication: reading, listening, writing or speaking and the emphasis can be directed toward general or specific language skills.

The first schools were founded in the Middle Ages by German colonists established in Transylvania after the Great Mongol Invasion in For hundreds of years the German schools were considered to be the best ones in Transylvania, like a study made in the XIXth century by the Romanian scientist George Baritiu shows. Nowadays in Cluj there are all the levels of education beginning with kindergarten up to postdoctoral studies. The Babes-Bolyai and the Technical Universities offer a great variety of courses to be studied in German and the University for Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine offers studies in English and French language, but they also have optional courses in German details on the following pages , and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy has attracted thousands of foreign students towards studies in English and French languages.

At primary school level, secondary and high school, there's George Cosbuc College which has a well established line of study in German. And also in Cluj the first German private school has been opened, Kinderland with teaching exclusively in German language. This new school includes a kindergarten that has been working for 11 years and an elementary school authorized in August , that has only opened recently.

The intention of establishing the German-medium engineering programme of study in Manufacturing Technology following the model of the University in Stuttgart is as old as Part of the lectures are delivered today in Cluj by teaching staff from Stuttgart. The best undergraduates receive every year a three-month industrial placement offered by our company partners and then they can study a full semester study in Stuttgart.

This gives the students the possibility of getting to know both the professional life of the German engineers and the everyday student life there. High professional competence and useful cultural skills for their further career are given to our students. Manufacturing Technology, B. Popa tcm. Dies gibt den Studierenden die Gelegenheit, das Studium in Deutschland und die Arbeitswelt der Ingenieure hier zu erleben. Find Book Refresh this form.

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