From the Bunny to the Cross (Helping children understand why we celebrate Easter)

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Below are some resources I have found to help you teach your children about the God who loves them so much. You may recognize her as the author of Truth in The Tinsel , a very popular Advent ebook around Christmas time. We are really enjoying this ebook. There are 12 activities that use all 5 senses to learn about Jesus's death and resurrection. This ebook is an excellent resource for teaching about the true meaning of Easter.

Each activity is simple to do and points children to Jesus in everything. It is currently out of stock, but you can pick up their Illustrated Bible Stories book which includes the Easter story. This DVD does not tell the actual story of Easter, but it does talk about how we should put others before ourselves and that Easter is not just about what we can get. It is about what we can give to others as well. We enjoyed watching this with all the lovable Veggie Tales characters.

I have not watched this one, but so far everything from Veggie Tales I have liked. So just read up on it some before deciding if it is a good fit for your family.

Hebrews 11:1-7

I asked some of my blogging friends to share their resources with you all today! There are some pretty amazing things here that you will definitely want to check out! Holy Week Devotional — Adventures in Mommydom. Easter Fun Kit — Paradise Praises. I also have a Spring fine motor Pinterest board and a Sensory Fun Pinterest board you can follow for more ideas. Both of these boards are a mix of all things but there are some fun ideas on there. What is Sensory Processing? Like what you read? They were all very excited about that!

At each station, families read a card together and did whatever it asked them to do.

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At the Garden of Gethsemane station, families talked about how when Jesus faced a difficult situation he prayed to God about it. At the Good Friday station, families tasted lemons sour and pineapples sweet and discussed how the death of Jesus was both sour and sweet. At the Resurrection station, families took a piece of dissolving paper and wrote on it something they needed to ask God to forgive them for. Then they put those in a cup, poured water in it, stirred it and watched the paper disappear.

Just like God does with our sins! The Walk with Jesus was an amazing event for the families of our church! When I teach and lead our kids at church, this is what I want them to remember about Easter. I want them to see how much Jesus loved them that He was willing to sacrifice His own life so that we could be forgiven of our sins and can live forever with Him in heaven. Vanessa brought in an Easter bunny that hopped around and took pictures with us and gave us candy.

Sometimes I wonder if kids really get it.

Beyond the Bunny: Tips for Celebrating Easter While Keeping the Focus on Christ

Do they really understand what Easter is about? Several years ago, a parent emailed me a video she took of her 6-year-old daughter.

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In this video she was asking her daughter what Easter is and why we celebrate it. That video absolutely made my day. It brought encouragement to me.

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It helped me to know that what I am doing to teach kids about Easter and about Jesus is working. They understand! Easter to me is not about a bunny. And because of that, I am excited to share that with the kids at church and really…with anyone!

Easter with Your Preschoolers | WMU

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